Event Video Invitations

Using event video, photographs, video testimonials, animation, music, and narration, our creative team edits these elements into a compelling video invitation that tells your event’s story. Better than a brochure, a VidVite video invitation taps viewers’ emotions, selling your event in a way that cannot be sold through any other medium.

We understand that your video invitation is only good as the number of people who see it. In a wired world, multiple marketing channels allow us to maximize the bang for your buck by extending the reach of your video invitation. Energize your event’s social media campaign by distributing your video invitation on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. An online video invitation is ready-made for sharing among friends and colleagues. Grow your social media audience as your video invitation goes viral.

Event Audio Invitations

Perfect for leaner budgets. Professional voice talents in any language. We script and record your audio invitation with or without music. Place it on your website and send it in an email campaign. 

Event Audio Invitation - VidVite
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VidVite event audio invitations are perfect for leaner budgets.
Event Video News
VidVite event video news feature interviews with event attendees and exhibitors to promote your event.

Video news reports feature interviews with key event stakeholders, attendees, and exhibitors, direct from the show floor. These news packages are utilized in event recap videos and in audio and video invitations for future events. VidVite producers travel the world providing expert, on-site production support, ensuring that your event is videotaped in a way that leverages video in the most creative, multipurpose, and cost-effective means possible. It's another way to market your event while showcasing newsworthy information.

Event Podcasts

Monthly audio podcasts build excitement for upcoming events. Using studio-recorded or on location news segments to communicate industry information, podcasts add value to your event website by branding it as a “go to” source for news and information, providing attendees more of a reason to interact with your event year-round. When sponsors or exhibitors pay advertising fees to appear in podcasts, they get their messages out to industry-wide audiences before the event, and show organizers earn ancillary revenue from advertising fees.

VidVite event podcasts offer year round event promotion while showcasing your event as a go to source for industry information.