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VidVite event video and audio invitations are measured using web analytic tools, tracking every time someone views or listens.
Our Philosophy
Total Dedication To You
At VidVite our philosophy is total dedication to you.  Nothing sells events more effectively than sight and sound.

All videos are not made the same. We’re message makers. Our commodity is creativity. And that distinction is paramount. So many videos seem like the same old talking heads. Ours are different because our eyes and ears deliver.

VidVite was founded on the premise that nothing sells events more effectively than sight and sound. When online video was still in its infancy, VidVite saw the future of event promotion. Vision counts. So does experience. We’re the best at what we do because we’ve spent twenty-five years on the forefront of multimedia innovation.

We regularly amend our schedules to accommodate international clients in other time zones. Frequently, that means working overnight. We want to be in business with you now and ten years from now. So, count on us for quality work, friendly service, and consistent attention to detail.

Measurable Results

Using web analytic tools, your online audio or video event invitation is tracked every time someone views or listens. A customized report is generated at the end of your promotional campaign, showing you how many times your event video invitation was played and from what geographic locations.

We Make Magic

Every ten minutes, someone in the world views a VidVite. Our online audio and video event invitations allow your clients to see, hear, and feel the excitement of an event like no other marketing tool can deliver. VidVite provides the creative juice and turnkey production support to create promotional campaigns that leave lasting impressions.

What We Do
VidVite makes magic through event audio and video invitations for trade shows, conferences, and events.
VidVite event video and audio invitations are produced in multiple languages for worldwide event promotion.
Connect with the World

Because web video reaches beyond geographical borders, our audio and video event invitations are customized to target multiple audiences, maximizing the reach of your event marketing campaign. Frequently, that involves translating your event invitation into multiple languages, a service that we provide as a single-source solution.

For the Project Management Institute’s Global Congress in Budapest, VidVite produced event video invitations in English and German. For its Global Congress in Cancun, VidVite produced event video invitations in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and English. For its Global Congress in Istanbul, VidVite produced event video invitations in English and Arabic.

Multilingual Productions
We Make You Money
VidVite event video and audio invitations offer sponsorships for event advertising and promotion to increase event advertising.

Your VidVite video invitation is an innovative marketing channel that generates event revenue through paid sponsorships of inserted video commercials. Exhibitors get their messages out before the show to an industry-wide audience that includes more than just attendees.


In 2007, VidVite once again made event history by producing the first sponsored event video invitation for the annual convention of the International Cartilage Repair Society. Exhibitors purchased sponsorships of the invitation, and VidVite produced the sponsors’ video advertisements.


VidVite will recruit sponsors for you, providing a turnkey solution for promoting your event and generating ancillary event revenue.

Sponsored Event Invitations
Regent Exhibitions
IMEX Group

Our clients happily report that VidVite invigorates their marketing campaigns with a buzz that never stops buzzing. Says Carina Bauer, Marketing and Operations Director for UK-based Regent Exhibitions (IMEX):

"IMEX has been working with VidVite since 2004 and the VidVite videos have become a core part of our marketing campaign. The VidVite team has a fantastic skill for adapting our marketing materials and brand values into short videos which bring the atmosphere of IMEX directly to our clients' computer screens.

We use the videos in a variety of promotions -- to drive exhibitor growth, visitor numbers and to enhance sponsorships around the world. Most of all, we believe that the videos help to generate excitement about the IMEX exhibition -- an essential factor in driving attendance and one which is difficult to deliver through more traditional marketing mediums.

VidVite invitations certainly have impact and the service given by the VidVite team is second to none."

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